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Brian was a great guide for us through the entire process

My Girlfriend and I were first-time home buyers with no clue on what to do or what to expect in a time when the market was very competitive.  Brian was a great guide for us through the entire process.  He was patient with us as we floundered through our search process and figured out what type of  home we were even looking for.After a rejected offer and numerous other viewed houses that were in vain we had that moment everyone told us we'd have but there was a issue with the house.  Brian helped as determine what would be a competitive offer, as well as, placing verbiage in the offer to protect us as we knew there was an issue with the house.After four months the issue, which involved the County, had been resolved.  There were countless conversations with the Seller's Realtor, the County, the Companies responsible for the repairs, as well as, further effort put into figuring out the best course of action in this unusual situation.  Brian was there every step of the way.  Never once did we have to initiate contact with him for an update.        As I'm typing this I'm a proud Homeowner of a house we aspire to make a home.  That's in large part thanks to Brian.  I cannot recommend Brian Powers strongly enough.

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