7 Reasons the Holidays are a Good Time to Sell Your Home

by | Nov 2, 2021

The holidays are a better time to sell your home than you might think.

Here’s 7 reasons why the holidays are actually a great time to list your home for sale. 

1. Motivated buyers hunt for houses all year

In any market, there are different categories of home buyers. Some are “just looking”, while some are super serious about buying a home right now.

During the holidays, most of the less serious buyers take a break, while the best buyers continue on and are ready to buy a home during the holidays.

Having your home on the market during the holidays means you’ll have exclusive access to the most serious and qualified home buyers in the market.

2. Home buyers have more time to search for homes

Finding the time time to actually look at homes for sale is a challenge many home buyers face. Often times a buyers availibility to view homes for sale is limited to after work hours in the evening or on weekends. 

We have found that home buyers typically have more time to look at homes for sale during the holiday season as most people have an increase in time off from work during that time of year. 

Home buyers having more time to look at homes is good for home sellers. 

3. Less competition from other home sellers

Some home sellers hit the pause button leading into the holidays and plan to list their home for sale after the holidays. 

This means you’ll have fewer homes for sale to compete with as a home seller. Less competition means better offers from the best buyers in the market, and a better bottom line at the closing table.

4. Homes show better during the holidays

Holiday decorations and decor make for an incredible showing experience for home buyers. 

For many people, their home is cleaner, less cluttered and decorated better during the holidays than at any time of the year. 

Having your home on the market during the holidays gives home buyers an opportunity to see it at its best. 

5. Peak season for relocation buyers

Relocation home buyers who are buying due to a job transfer are a big part of the cirrent real estate market. 

The 4th quarter is peak time for relocation buyers as many of them have a new job starting after the 1st of the year and will want to get their housing situation settled soon. 

6. Smoother transactions

Real estate transactions tend to go smoother and quicker during the holidays as support services like mortgage, title, appraisal and inspection have a lighter workload and get things done quicker. 

7. Stay in your home until after the holidays

Most home sellers want to stay in their home through the holidays. No problem!

We can sell your home now during this peak holiday market, and negotiate on your behalf to not have to move out until after the new year. 

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