3 ways to buy a home when you have a home to sell

by | Mar 31, 2021

For the last year now, real estate agents have been shouting from the rooftops about what an incredible market it is to sell your home in Macomb. And if you’re thinking about making a move you should sell your right now becuase we can sell your home quickly and for top dollar.

The problem for many home owners is selling your home quickly and for top dollar, only solves half your problem. Because once you sell your home, you need to then go out and buy a home in a market where it’s incredibly difficult to be a home buyer.

So instead of just telling you to sell your home with no real plan in place for how you’re going to buy a home as well, I want to give you a better way.

I’ve come up with 3 practical ways you can buy a home in this market today if you also have to sell your home in Macomb.


This market requires proper planning.

METHOD ONE | Buy, Sell, Recast

The main reason most homeowners want to sell their current home before they buy a new home is so they can use the equity they have as a large down payment on their new home.

With our “buy, sell, recast” method you can focus on buying your new home first, and then retroactively use the equity you have to recast your new mortgage as if you had sold your home first.

METHOD TWO | The Bridge Loan

Bridge loans have been around for decades. They have traditonally been used to finance new construction allowing home buyers to finance new constrcution before they sell their home.

We’ve got a lender partner who has brought the bridge loan mainstream and allows it to be used in the scope of a traditional real estate transaction even if new construction isn’t involved.


METHOD THREE | The Shack Up Strategy

The shack up strategy involves simply finding someone you can stay with as a “plan B” in case you need a few months after selling your home, for us to help you buy the right home.

A lot of our clients actually use this strategy and although it does not sound ideal, they are glad they did becuase it worked out well and allowed them to take their time and focus on what’s important – findng the right home.

Next Steps

Book a consultation with Brian so we can discuss your plans for selling and buying a home in Macomb and help you take the right steps to be prepared in this market. You can also check out our marketing plan for how we help our home seller clients.

You can also read up to date market trends for all the communities in Macomb.

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